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Executive leadership

Executive leadership

Mary Patry shares a podcast on the Executive presence of a CIO.

Deb Coviello shares an article on how to improve leadership skills by learning to recognize when they should stop and take time to assess their actions or action plan.

In this post, Emily Carr asks if you are leader enough to be the first follower and explains the benefits involved.

Edwina Pike explains why we should take note of the fact that history plays an important part in the perceptions we have about change and the assumptions we make, at an individual and organisational level.

  Barry Robbins identifies a most common but subtle leadership trap and the root of adoption failures.

  Leo Quilty provides a post that explains the success factors in effective and efficient decision making.

  Livia Jenvey helps you start the year on the right foot with this article that shares some of the lessons learned from organizations who were able to excel in 2020.