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In this post, Rich Epstein shares his experience with credit card fraud.

In this article, Menekse Gencer shares how she has helped emerging markets leap forward with her mobile payments consulting business.  

Harshit Agarwal shares a post on share based payments and how they can help your company.

In this article, Konstantin Tskhay writes about pay transparency, what it is, the various levels, and how to move forward.

Mark Ball shares a company post that identifies red flags in IT spend.

Andriy Panasenko shares a case study on Nomad Foods, Europe’s leading frozen food company and one of the largest in the world, and how his consulting company rolled out a zero-based budgeting approach.

Grace Mburu shares an article that provides possible solutions to the problem of illicit financial pipelines in Africa.

Victor Bullara explains why employee engagement wastes trillions and identifies the many reasons for this nearly 20 year waste of money.

  Braden W. Weinstock provides a crash course on what crypto is, why it matters, and also shares resources for those who want to dive deeper.

  Brian Sheahan explains how an intra-family loan can help families and beneficiaries meet a variety of borrowing, wealth transfer, and wealth accumulation goals in more flexible ways than using commercial borrowing.