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Leadership development

Leadership development

Michelle Drapkin shares a personal story and a few tips on how to respond to adult “tantrums”.

Deb Coviello shares an article on how to improve leadership skills by learning to recognize when they should stop and take time to assess their actions or action plan.

Jarret Jackson shares a white paper on how Neuroscience can help us become better managers, leaders and change agents.

In this post, Emily Carr asks if you are leader enough to be the first follower and explains the benefits involved.

Friska Wirya shares a post that identifies five key points that leaders should be aware of, adopt, or avoid moving forward after the changes that have come into effect after COVID-19.

Edwina Pike shares a post on the impact of leaders, the importance of conviction, and simplifying your messages.

  Brian Dapelo shares a post that identifies four mind-shift approaches that can help you become a better problem solver. 

  Jerry Julian explains the underlying factors that lead to project failure and identifies the key to avoiding the red light on the project management dashboard.

  Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still affecting business and it is far from usual. Fortunately, Sandrine Kram explains how human-centered design may turn this situation into the opportunity to develop the mindset and skills required to strive in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous).

  Is an election disaster on your mind? Fear not, Gleb Tsipursky recently had an article published in Inc Magazine on how leaders can prepare for election disaster risk.