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Leadership skills

Leadership skills

Michelle Drapkin shares a personal story and a few tips on how to respond to adult “tantrums”.

Kieran Sheedy shares a link to his book, Good Thinking, and Bad: Using the science of cognition to make better decisions.

In this video, Rania Adwan talks to Harvard Law School Professor David Kennedy and PwC Managing Editor for Resilience about the importance of integrity in building a resilient organization.

Joonki Song shares an uplifting article on the art of humor and lightness.

Glen Mead shares a short but impactful reminder on the benefit of taking time to think.

Karen Thomas-Bland shares an article published in Management Today that explores the role of ego in leadership.

Reginald Maisonneuve shares an article that identifies the problems with running a business on instinct alone.

Trent Green shares a parable for all those regular people who have the potential to accomplish great things in the face of overwhelming odds.

Houria Bellatif shares a post that explains how to move from listening to reply to listening to understand.

Edwina Pike shares a post on the impact of leaders, the importance of conviction, and simplifying your messages.