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If your company culture needs an infusion of best practices, this article from Christoph Schmaltz may help build a more productive and harmonious environment for the year ahead.

Sebastian Vetter shares an informative article that identifies innovation patterns designed to help deal with crises.

Alain Gardner shares a true story of structured team coaching in action.

In this article, Michael R. Fernandes identifies seven challenges that can hinder an organization’s ability to learn, and, consequently, gain the competitive advantage.

Lisa Walsh shares an article published on Forbes that offers 16 smart leadership strategies to encourage team camaraderie.

Thomas Storteboom shares the problem with ideas that are too big or too small and offers insight into the idea size sweet spot. 

James Le shares an article where he was interviewed on ways he and his team are disrupting their industry.

In this article, Kathy Krul-Manor explains the best way to lead organizational rightsizing.

This article from Cesar Viana Teague identifies the benefits diversity, equity, and inclusion creates within a company culture and offers solutions to workplace diversity-related challenges.

Robert Hopp shares a white paper designed to give you an understanding of what Entropositive is, its principles, and a deeper understanding of entropy itself.