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Musa Hanhan explores how generative ai will impact customer experience.

In this article, Sam Klaidman explains why market research is not a one-and-done process, and offers actionable tips on how to improve research results. 

In this article, Lynda Ferrari identifies a few common triggers that might suggest you need to look at repositioning your brand.

Shlomi Ron shares an article that explains how to tell a relatable story where you give your customers the hero roles in an exercise designed to align your brand identity with max relatability.

Dominique Touchaud provides a few thoughts in packaging and design to chew over with this article on Lotte gum from Japan. 

In this interview for Authority Magazine, Shlomi Ron shares five non-Intuitive ways to grow your marketing career.

David Zhao explains how to understand and calculate lift and effect size for better marketing results.

From Arnaud Quetin’s company blog, a post that may help identify why your marketing plan failed.

  If you are considering a keyword update to your website or just want to know more about keywords, this checklist from Megan Ingram’s company blog may be useful.

  Jonathan Govette shares a post on how to develop a go-to-market strategy.