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professional development

professional development

Saket Bivalkar explains how to innovate within the realm of management practices.

Matteo Costa shares his thoughts as he steps away from a corporate position to develop his startup.

When it comes time to talk rates, Lee Sharma shares advice wrapped in an anecdote.

Katja Matthes shares the formula she uses which helps improve the outcomes of AI interactions.

In this article, Janice Omadeke explores the mentor mentee relationship and explains the benefits of mentorship.

In this post, Leslie Venetz shares what she has learned after 1000 days of posts on LinkedIn.   Access the full post on LinkedIn.

In this article published on Forbes, Andrew Pek explores the future role of the chief innovation officer.

In this post from Patsy Doerr, she shares a conversation with Eleven Canterbury Relationship Manager Dan Martin on DEI.   Access the post on LinkedIn

Kylie van Luyn shares an article published in Choices magazine that explores how to achieve sustainable growth and face challenges with resilience.

Christos Christou shares a white paper that considers the function of a Board of Directors and examines the nature of the materials it needs to receive in order to discharge its duties and responsibilities.