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professional development

professional development

Anuj Chaudhary offers a few key mental models that will help you deal with difficult situations in both business and life.

In this article, Mary Mellino shares three practical shifts in thinking to improve your organization’s performance.

Valerie Markbreiter draws from Jean de La Fontaine’s fable the Wolf and the Dog to help identify similar traits in the entrepreneur. 

In this article, Alex Papageorgiou shares the secrets to building brand authority and getting published in Business Insider, Entrepreneur and HBR — without a PR agency.

Janice Burg-Levi shares an episode from her podcast It’s Great Business. In this episode, she interviews Bob Goodwin, founder of Career Club, an organization that helps people who are in job transition.

In this article, Michael MacIsaac reflects on the recent layoffs in IT and speculates on the job market in 2023.

Dianne Young shares an article on the basics of goal setting and identifying what’s important in Your life.

Lauren Spagnola-Robins shares an article published in Forbes that offers tips for women to be seen, heard, and respected in the boardroom.

Mary Patry shares a podcast on the Executive presence of a CIO.