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Scott Booth shares an article that explains how to ensure product launches have robust sales alignment.

Marcel Barrera shares a case study on how his company helped a client who was facing increased contact demand, decreased CSAT, and negative sentiment being socialized online.

Natalie Bagnall shares an article that explores a common problem and offers a solution to the agonizing art of selling. 

Ron Cowan shares five tips on structuring effective sales territories.

Felix Röscheisen shares a post from his company’s blog on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which explores the future of art in NFTs and other conceivable uses. 

Rod Cherkas provides a post on crossing the post-sale chasm, and how a post-sales team can help their company scale to $100M+.

  David Munves shares a comprehensive article that explains how to use strategic content appropriate for each stage of the sales cycle, and shows the role strategic content plays in getting prospects into a vendor’s pipeline.

From Ron Cowan’s company blog, five tips to structuring effective sales territories.

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Ahmet Kocamaz explains how scoring algorithms help perform measurement assessments of customers to help reach the right customers at the right time.