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supply chain management

supply chain management

Amit Patel shares an article on supply chain issues. If you’ve failed to find some of your favorite items on store shelves recently, then you’re well aware that the pandemic’s supply chain issues have not yet been completely resolved. As organizations look to future-proof their supply chains, AI has emerged as a possible solution to […]

Arun Giddu shares a series of informative videos on Supply Chain and Systems. This episode explains how to maximize ROI when implementing supply chain systems.

VR Sridhar shares an article that focuses on some of the challenges common to aviation industry particularly airline operators and to some extent their maintenance material suppliers including OEMs, aftermarket, PMAs, MROs, and distributors.

Christopher Davis shares an article on inventory overload, preserving cash, and supply chains reacting to the changing global economy.

In this article, Ryan Burns identifies the three major areas of risk in a supply chain.

Ralph Asher shares a post on supply chain design using R: unconstrained warehouse/customer alignment.

  Livia Jenvey shares an article that explains how mitigating risk in your operational supply chain is an easy cost reduction strategy. 

  Gleb Tsipursky recently published an article on Common Dreams that issues a timely warning on the new Covid-19 strain.

  Anuj Sharma explains why reverse logistics is a valuable metric to measure and use when examining the global supply chain.

  In this article co-authored by Dave Stowe and Anna McGovern, they identify four vital elements of a supply risk plan that should be reviewed and revised throughout the year to ensure a company can survive and thrive in a crisis.