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Team Management

Team Management

Konstantin Tskhay shares a link to a free course on the essentials of people analytics, how to solve HR challenges using data, and gain insights through diverse case studies.

 Gleb Tsipursky shares an article on facilitating hybrid and remote team collaboration. 

Gleb Tsipursky shares an article designed to facilitate a high level of effectiveness and productivity for a hybrid workforce.

Bill Gage offers an article that outlines the steps that can be taken to build the team you need to start your business.

As more businesses adopt a work-from-home structure,  Elena Lipson provides ten ways to optimize productivity and innovation with a remote workforce.

Gleb Tsipursky shares an article that offers advice on how to use virtual brainstorming to keep innovation wheels turning with hybrid and remote teams in the future of work

Amit Patel shares a post that identifies a strategy undertaken by top companies to ensure they maintain their position. 

  Gleb Tsipursky shares 14 actionable strategies to support employees with videoconferencing fatigue.

  Brian W. Loomis provides an article and short PDF, showing some of the varied ways that Enterprise Architecture typically works from the business value and customer experience discussions with project sponsors, and creates design artifacts and guidance for the implementation teams.