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Work from Home

Work from Home

If you were looking for a sign to do that thing you’ve been avoiding, this is it. Lekisha Middleton’s blog on overcoming procrastination.

  In this article published in Fortune Magazine, Gleb Tsipursky explores the psychology behind why some leaders are resisting a hybrid work model.

  Shyamasis Das shares his view on the effects of the lockdown, the current climate crisis, and a future that may change expectations of what is normal.

  Many people working from home (WFH) may experience the negative effects of burnout, isolation, and zoom fatigue. However, Gleb Tsipursky has shared a white paper that lists the many problems leading to WFH burnout and offers solutions that may be helpful. He has also provided links to additional information on the potential danger of […]

Cindie Smith discusses the pros and cons of ‘Work from Home’ call centres.