A Case Study on Educating for a Sustainable, Plant-Based Food Future

Posted Jan 30, 2023

Maria Balcazar Tellez shares a case study from Plant Futures Initiative that explores educating for a sustainable, plant-based food future.

Hate Setting Goals? This Might Help

Posted Jan 25, 2023

Dianne Young shares an article on the basics of goal setting and identifying what’s important in Your life.

Corporate Innovation for Crisis

Posted Jan 24, 2023

Sebastian Vetter shares an article that identifies successful innovation patterns for a crisis.

Is it Time to Reposition Your Brand?

Posted Jan 23, 2023

In this article, Lynda Ferrari identifies a few common triggers that might suggest you need to look at repositioning your brand.

Five Tips for Women in the Boardroom

Posted Jan 18, 2023

Lauren Spagnola-Robins shares an article published in Forbes that offers tips for women to be seen, heard, and respected in the boardroom.

Data Science and Healthcare

Posted Jan 17, 2023

Joseph Putnik shares an article that takes a look at the growing relationship of data science and healthcare.

Executive Presence As A CIO

Posted Jan 16, 2023

Mary Patry shares a podcast on the Executive presence of a CIO.

What You Need to Know about Being a Project Board Manager

Posted Jan 11, 2023

In this article, Emilia Henriksson explains key steps on becoming a proactive, effective project board manager. 

Scooby-Doo and Frankie, Too

Posted Jan 10, 2023

And now for something totally different, and in case you’ve always wondered, Paul DiPronio shares how Frank Sinatra’s comeback hit inspired “Scooby-Doo”​.

Questions on the Gig Economy

Posted Jan 4, 2023

Amit Patel shares a post that requests information from professionals using or working in the gig economy.

Debunking Risk Myths

Posted Jan 3, 2023

Marischa van Zantvoort explains why risk management is more important than ever and identifies why some myths need serious debunking.

Emerging Market Intelligence 

Posted Jan 2, 2023

In this article, David Tang explains how to acquire quality, actionable Market Intelligence for emerging markets.

Inventory Management Insights

Posted Dec 28, 2022

VR Sridhar shares an article that focuses on some of the challenges common to aviation industry particularly airline operators and to some extent their maintenance material suppliers including OEMs, aftermarket, PMAs, MROs, and distributors.

Ramp-up Your Retargeting Campaign

Posted Dec 27, 2022

Marcus Sanford helps your company’s marketing in 2023 with these insights into multi-stage retargeting campaigns based on landing page interactions.

Business Productivity Killers

Posted Dec 26, 2022

Peter Sackleh shares a concise post that identifies three root causes of poor productivity.

Best Practices to Gain the Competitive Advantage

Posted Dec 21, 2022

Krishnan Rajagopalan shares an article that identifies best practices to ensure sourcing and outsourcing are strategic levers for competitive advantage.

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