Episode 501. Nate Kievman, CEO of Linked Strategies

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February 20, 2023

Show Notes

Nate Kievman is the founder of Linked Strategies, a company that helps create better relationships between businesses and their ideal buyers. Link Strategies has been in business since 2010 and has evolved over the years into a full-service digital agency.

Link Strategies

Will Bachman is the host of Unleashed, and he and Nate discuss the services that Link Strategies offers. Link Strategies works with companies of all sizes, from one-person consulting shops to large enterprises like BlackRock and NASDAQ. The company typically works with companies that are looking to scale beyond their current referral- or network-based sales models. Nate discusses the lead generation industry, and how it is highly competitive and non-consolidated. He describes how there are many firms that claim to be able to generate leads, but in reality, most of them use spammy tactics and are not very effective.

The book The Outsiders discusses how companies like Salesforce have disrupted traditional businesses by using technology to their advantage. The book argues that companies that are able to use technology to their advantage will be the ones who succeed in the future. The book has had a major impact on the business world and has inspired many companies to adopt similar strategies.

The book argues that companies that are able to use technology to their advantage will be the ones who succeed in the future.

Lead Generation Strategies

They talk about how there is a low barrier to entry for anyone who wants to start a lead generation business, and how there are many firms that do this with very little experience. They also talk about how recent changes in spam detection have made it very difficult for companies to get their emails delivered, and how this has caused many companies to reevaluate their lead-generation strategies.

Nate explains that the key to getting a response from a busy executive is to respect their time and give them enough information to make a decision about meeting with you. He also notes that it takes experience and knowledge to craft a compelling email that will engage the reader. Finally, he cautions that companies often fail at outbound strategies because they don’t commit to the process.

Cold Outbound Strategies

Nate discusses how cold outbound strategies are designed to generate leads, appointments, and conversions, and how companies often fail to properly utilize them. He argues that companies should invest in their partners and salespeople in order to properly execute these strategies and maximize their potential. The conversation discuss tips for sales conversion on cold outreach meetings. They mention that it is important to think of these types of campaigns as a short, mid and long term pipeline development, and that most companies get into it as a tactical buy. They also mention that it is important to understand the nuances of all the facts in your current business, and that contracts should be for a year or more. The salespeople at Kievman’s company are focused on finding out the challenges, goals, and gaps of their potential clients. They want to assess whether or not they can help solve the gap before going into their sales pitch. This is important because Kievman’s company offers dynamic and customizable solutions.






  • 1:51: Categories of competitors in the appointment setting and lead generation space.
  • 3:57: The book “Predictable Revenue”
  • 8:52: What’s happening in the world of email deliverability.
  • 14:15: How to get into the psychology of the executive office.
  • 20:25: When you’re sending emails out to your email accounts, who are you sending them to?
  • 25:42: What are some of the archetypes of copy that you use?
  • 30:18: The importance of being a growth partner and not a lead generator.
  • 35:17: The importance of having a candid conversation with your prospects.
  • 40:51: If you had 100 really good friends, how many of them would work with you over the course of two or three years?