Episode 20: Mike Bendit on building a referral network

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June 26, 2017

Our guest today is Michael Bendit, an independent professional based in NYC who started his consulting career as a principal at Booz & Co.

Michael has two sides to his practice

  • He runs a consulting practice, with a particular focus on strategy and pricing
  • He also represents multiple software development shops, primarily focused on digital marketing agencies


Michael has created a referral network in NYC that has been meeting every two weeks for several years. His group includes a range of independent professionals that all serve digital marketing agencies, with different specialties, and every two weeks they get together to share leads and look for ways to collaborate. Getting up a group like this up and running takes a lot of effort, but has been successful at generating a flow of work over time and is something that independent professionals might want to consider replicating.

You can read more about Michael’s software firm at http://softdevresources.com/