Episode 21: Ron Hubsher, author of Closing Time

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July 3, 2017

Our guest today is Ron Hubsher, the Managing Director of the Sales Optimization Group and the author of Closing Time: the 7 Immutable Laws of Sales negotiation.”

Ron’s book is in print but not available on Amazon – he explains what happens when you buy his book from his website., and why he doesn’t sell his book anywhere else.

Ron has a multifaceted business – he does consulting projects to sales organizations, he provides training programs, he gives keynote speeches.

In some cases he delivers his training programs himself; he’ll also license the training program to a client and make money while he sleeps.

In our wide-ranging conversation, Ron discusses several case examples of how he works with clients, and along the way I learn how a playing card in an Atlantic City casino is different than one used in Las Vegas.

You can find Ron’s firm on the web at www.salesOG.com