Episode 241: Kaihan Krippendorf organized a virtual summit to support the fight against coronavirus

March 24, 2020

In a matter of days, Umbrex member Kaihan Krippendorf has organized a fantastic event to support the fight against COVID-19: the 2020 Outthinker Virtual Summit.

100% of the proceeds will go to charities working on COVID-19.

Kaihan has lined up 20 amazing speakers who have each agreed to donate an hour of their time to providing a perspective on the crisis and answering questions.

This online event is taking place April 6 and 7, and I definitely encourage you to check out the website and consider signing up. If you attend live, you’ll be able to submit questions to the speakers. If you can’t attend every session, they’ll be available afterwards for registered attendees.

Listeners of this show can use the discount code UNLEASHED30 to get a 30% discount (disclosure statement: I do not receive a referral fee.)

Read more at: https://summit.outthinkerroundtables.com/

In this episode, Kaihan explains how he and his team pulled the summit together so quickly, and provides tips on how you can set up something similar yourself – perhaps a summit for your industry or a functional area where you focus.

Kaihan discusses the technology tools used to pull it together, including:

Zoom – Webinar version

Ticket Tailor to sell the tickets

Stripe and PayPal to collect payment

Squarespace for the summit’s web page

Doodle to coordinate speaker schedules