Episode 264: David A Fields how to run a world-class virtual workshop

April 17, 2020

David A. Fields had scheduled an in-person two-day workshop  for early April – his Solo Practice Accelerator.

When the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to conduct the event in person, David and his team converted the event into a highly interactive, world-class virtual workshop.

That took planning, technology, and setting up a studio in David’s living room.

In today’s episode, David shares very practical tips on what it took to run a world-class virtual workshop that engaged attendees as much as an in-person event.

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David also kindly shared this checklist:

People (not equipment, but will make some of the buying list clearer)

  • Presenter
  • Video controller (managing the different inputs)
  • Zoom controller (managing breakout rooms, etc.)



  • Laptop for the presenter – any laptop will do
  • Laptop for the Video controller – this is a dedicated laptop with a ethernet port, that connected to Zoom.
  • Laptop for the Zoom controller – this was for the team member who managed the Zoom breakout rooms
  • PC with large monitor and wireless keyboard – this was for the Video controller to be able to send notifications to the presenter. (For instance, “Speed Up” or “Question”)




Video Equipment