Episode 30: Larry Oglesby on the importance of speed in lean transformations

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September 4, 2017

Larry Oglesby has been a close friend and mentor of mine for over a decade. I first got to know Larry when he was my Engagement Manager at McKinsey on a manufacturing lean operations project back in 2005, and we bonded over our shared service in the U.S. submarine force.

Larry is a deep expert on operational transformation – after spending time in the Ops practice at McKinsey he joined the George Group – a boutique consulting firm focused on operations.

After the George Group was purchased by Accenture, Larry stayed on and ended up as the Managing Director for North American Process and Innovation Performance Service Line.

Larry has now started his own consulting practice, 440 partners – and we start our discussion with Larry explaining the name of his firm.

A cliché in operational transformation is: To go fast, go slow.

Larry has a different approach: To go fast, go fast.

In our discussion, Larry talks about the importance of speed in a successful transformation; he also shares how he incorporated into the transformation a book club with weekly discussions.

To learn more about Larry, visit his firm’s website: Four40Partners.com