Episode 350: Daniel Tunkelang – In-depth Insight into Search Relevance & Query

February 11, 2021

Daniel Tunkelang, one of the top search relevance consultants in the United States. He is a data science and engineering executive who has built and led some of the strongest teams in the software industry, including Google. Daniel was a founding employee and chief scientist of Endeca, a search pioneer that Oracle acquired for $1.1B. He was also director of data science and engineering at LinkedIn, and he studied computer science and math at MIT and has a PhD in computer science from CMU. So when it comes to understanding how search engines work and search queries, Daniel knows what he’s talking about. Today, he shares insights on how search works and how to make it work for you.

You can read more about all things search on Daniel’s blogs at QueryUnderstanding.com, or, if you need expert consultation, reach out to him on LinkedIn.

Key points include:

  • 04:08: How search engines match content to search queries
  • 09:23: How big companies search functions differ from smaller companies
  • 12:21: The search problems companies experience and solutions offered
  • 21:18: The surprising measures companies have used when compiling search data
  • 25:32: How Daniel approaches search data investigation
  • 32:27: Understanding search for staffing situations
  • 36:35: Behind the scenes of LinkedIn’s search function
  • 44:31: How to conduct effective search queries