Episode 356: Daryl Tulimieri on Recruiting and Team Building

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February 19, 2021

Daryl Tulimieri is a McKinsey alum. He has been at Owens Corning and GLG, where he helped create and grow a group. Darryl is currently an independent consultant and Umbrex member, and he advises on M&A. But today Daryl is sharing his experience in recruiting and building a team in different contexts. Daryl can be contacted at dtulimieri@ligeradvisors.com or through LinkedIn. You can visit his website at LigerAdvisors.com.

Key points include:

  • 02:56: What it’s like to participate in recruiting and how it’s structured at a large consulting firm
  • 06:23: Daryl’s role at Owens, Corning and what sort of team members he recruited and how it was a different story
  • 10:15: An overview of strategic marketing
  • 13:55: How to evaluate skill sets to identify the applicant who would be successful in a role
  • 17:11: How to get the input to inform your decisions
  • 19:04: Recruiting and building a team at GLG
  • 25:29: The recruiting sales pitch
  • 30:56: The time involved in recruiting
  • 34:57: The work Daryl is doing today