Episode 374: Tami Lucey on the Benefits of Booking through a Travel Agent

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March 9, 2021


Tami Lucey is an independent travel consultant, or as she describes herself, “a worldwide business travel hassle remover.” 

We talk about her four decades of work as a corporate travel agent, how the industry has changed, and her focus on working with the entertainment industry and individual consultants.


Key points include:

  • 02:06: The benefits of a personalized service 
  • 04:57: The limitations of Google search in booking travel
  • 07:47: How Tami structures her fees
  • 11:05: What’s included in Tami’s fees
  • 15:12: What it means to join a host agency as an independent
  • 21:17: Working with the entertainment industry

Tami can be reached through the website, Corporate Travel – The Travel Society Host Agency.