Episode 381: Surbhee Grover on Launching a Personal Care Brand   

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March 16, 2021


In this Episode of Unleashed, I chat with Surbhee Grover. Surbhee is the consultant who runs the firm Steel and Graffiti. She has also recently launched the personal care brand love,Indus.com, and today we discuss the whole process of creating a brand from product formulation to promotion.

Key points include:

  • 05:58: Evolving past the concept
  • 10:18: The market research journey
  • 12:34: Product formulation
  • 17:54: Dealing with intellectual property rights
  • 20:57: Cost of development
  • 32:34: Developing the brand identity


You can learn more about Love,Indus on the website, Instagram, or Facebook page, and you can connect with Surbhee on LinkedIn.