Episode 390: Adam Roosevelt on Cybersecurity

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April 2, 2021


Adam is a decorated combat veteran and a cybersecurity consultant who started his career with the U.S. military; he was part of the team working on the Global War on Terrorism before starting a private practice where he advises government agencies and the private sector. He is now the CEO of A.R. International Consulting, LLC and a national news on-air analyst.

Key points include:

  • 02:53: Training with NATO and being deployed to Afghanistan
  • 07:01: Getting set up as a federal contractor
  • 10:25: Setting up an advisory board 
  • 16:14: Specific services for the private sector
  • 26:15 Asset recovery

Adam can be reached through his website, adamroosevelt.com or through LinkedIn. You can also follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.