Episode 398: Annie Scranton on Public Relations – Inside Advice

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April 11, 2021

Annie Scranton is the founder and president of Pace Public Relations; she has been a producer at the CBNC, an assistant booker at Fox News, a booking producer on Good Morning America with ABC News, and has a Masters in Public Relations. In this episode, Annie shares her experience and knowledge in public relations.

Annie can be reached through Linkedinor her company website pacepublicrelations.com

Key points include:

  • 10:00: Becoming a known expert 
  • 17:19: Tips on being picked up by a reporter
  • 23:05: Objectives and process of working with a PR agency 
  • 32:22: ROI on working with a PR agency
  • 36:03: How to find and select a PR agency