Episode 402: Jonathan Baillie Strong on Spotlight Podcasting

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April 15, 2021

Jonathan Baillie Strong is a B2B podcast strategist and the founder of Spotlight Podcasting, a company that helps consulting firms and mission-driven companies build more authority and grow their businesses with podcasting. Today, he shares insights from the world of podcasting from pre-production to promotion. 

You can learn more about Spotlight Podcasting at www.spotlightpodcasting.com, and you can connect with John through Linkedin, or his personal website jonbstrong.com 

Key points include:

  • 00:29: Helping Tim Ferris launch his podcast
  • 05:17: How podcasting has helped consultants connect with clients
  • 09:23: The process of developing and launching a podcast
  • 12:26: A podcast production checklist
  • 20:41: The fee structure of a podcast production agency