Episode 416: Jonas Altman on Creative Coaching

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May 17, 2021


Jonas Altman is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur who creates transformational learning experiences to elevate and grow leaders around the world. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and he has recently published the book, Shapers: Reinvent the way you work and change the future. On this episode, Jonas talks about his book, his work, the power of harnessing creative energy, and how it helps motivate his clients.

Key points include:

  • 03:35: How the future of work may evolve
  • 13:16: The need to expand the learning mindset
  • 23:16: Coaching style and client types
  • 27:10: Two case studies on achieving aspirational targets


You can learn more about Jonas at Jonas Altman.com, you can learn more about the work he does at social fabric.com, and find the book at shapers.life.