Episode 418: Robert Hardy on Niche Marketing

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May 19, 2021


Robert Hardy is a filmmaker and marketer who has recently started an online coaching platform to help creatively inclined individuals promote their work. On today’s episode, he explains how his program works, why quality trumps quantity, and how to find your niche.

Key points include:

  • 01:38: Why most marketing advice is wrong
  • 06:27: The fragmentation of the Internet and niches
  • 11:12: How the Ungated program helps people find their niche
  • 13:54: Coffee and keyword roulette
  • 24:41: Tactical niche marketing steps


Learn more about Ungated at https://ungated.media/, his filmmaking site at www.filmmakerfreedom.com, and check out his thoughts on what it means to be a citizen at www.citizenwithin.com