Episode 423: Kathryn Valentine on Negotiation Strategies for Women

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June 2, 2021


Kathryn Valentine is a McKinsey alum, author, speaker and founder of Worthmore Negotiations, a company that focuses on creating effective, research-based negotiation strategies for women, training women to use these strategies, and supporting them during the big negotiations of their career.

Learn more about Worthmore Negotiations at www.worthmorenegotiations.com or reach out to Kathryn on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/kval.

Key points include:

  • 02:27: Why it benefits a company to teach women to negotiate
  • 09:51: Communal negotiation and collaborative negotiation
  • 18:38: The gold standard in negotiations
  • 19:28: How Worth More developed
  • 23:09: Key negotiation tips for women