Episode 427: The Contentment Commitment

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July 26, 2021

Tim Streeter spent 25 years working in consulting and human resources including global leadership roles in Talent Acquisition at Accenture and Whirlpool. As the former chief operating officer of talent acquisition at Accenture, where he was responsible for managing a recruiter headcount of 2500 people and delivering 100,000 new hires every year. He’s also the author of the Contentment Commitment, which we will chat about in this episode. 

Tim can be reached through his website, https://www.contentmentcommitment.com/, where you can also learn more about the book. 

Key points include:

00:52: The personal history behind the book

03:19: The six dimensions of contentment

08:32: The commitments Tim made

20:10: Tim’s work with organisations