Episode 429: The Purposeful Strategist

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July 28, 2021

Belden Menkus is the managing director at Menkus and Associates. He is also the host of the podcast the Purposeful Strategist, a podcast that shifts the conversation from what organisations should do to what they are doing to embrace their broader purpose and translate it into tangible action. In today’s episode, we listen to one of Belden’s podcasts where he interviews Robin Mortimer, the chief executive of organization in the London Port of Authority

Key points include:

  • 06:52: What the Port Authority is and what they do
  • 09:32: How the vision of the Thames and organisation is structured and functions
  • 12:42: Where the Thames Vision is going
  • 15:32: The strategy to manage the vision
  • 21:16: How the hydrogen economy affects the Thames Vision