Episode 434: John Van Leeuwen on the Oil and Gas Industry

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August 27, 2021

John has 25 years of consulting experience consulting in Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Sourcing, plant and business unit transformation, revenue enhancement, growth strategies and turnarounds. He has launched many multi-year corporate transformations which have delivered over $1.5 billion in annual value. He has advised senior executives and business unit leaders in a broad range of industries including oil and gas, chemicals, basic materials, industrials, automotive, engineered products and aerospace. John’s company website is Lionstutz.com and he can be reached at JohnVanLeeuwen@Lionstutz.com.

  • 01:50: Terminology of the oil and gas industry
  • 07:30: Drill holes and piping
  • 10:14: How they keep the oil and gas moving
  • 13:17: The ecosystem of the industry
  • 20:15: Labor in the industry