Episode 467: Erik Lautier on eCommerce

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January 17, 2022

Erik Lautier is an expert in eCommerce, marketing, and digital strategy.  After over two decades in roles dealing with eCommerce and marketing for brands like Lacoste, Bebe, and Francesca’s, he founded Erik & Co, an eCommerce and marketing consultancy serving seven and eight-figure DTC brands, retailers, and/or their private equity owners. In today’s episode, he shares his expertise in eCommerce. Learn more about Erik and his company at www.Erik.co.

Key points include:

  • 07:17: The shift from theatre to eCommerce
  • 10:14: The layers of an eCommerce assessment
  • 12:38: Benchmarks and opportunities
  • 18:26: The choke points in eCommerce