Episode 498. Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Making Energy Understandable

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January 2, 2023

Peter is an energy industry thought leader, and consult and international keynote speaker and co-founder of NorthBridge Energy Partners LLC, an independent consulting organization with expertise and perspective on US energy markets.

Peter has worked with and advised companies as large and established as GE, Nike, and SunPower while also helping numerous start-ups navigate the challenging path to success, and he is the author of “The Energy Switch: How Companies and Customers Are Transforming the Electrical Grid and the Future of Power.” You can learn more about Peter and his work at www.peterkellydetwiler.com.


Key points include:

  • 06:02: Current challenges faced by the energy system
  • 13:25: Energy storage and the energy grid
  • 39:02: The future of consulting for the energy industry