Episode 77: Per Sjofors on measuring a customer’s willingness to pay

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July 23, 2018

Per Sjofors runs a firm called Sales for Profit – they have developed survey tools to measure a customer’s willingness to pay, and they help their clients

  • determine what marketing method is most effective in their market
  • which advertising targets the company should focus on
  • which product features drive the highest willingness to buy
  • and the optimum price of a given product or service

In this episode, Per gives an overview of his firm’s methodology and how they work with clients.

One thing Per told me that surprised me is that he is getting a substantial number of leads from Quora.  He’s been answering questions on Quora, establishing himself as an expert there, and it is actually leading to business.

You can learn more about Per’s firm at https://www.sales4profit.com/