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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Jennifer Fondrevay shares valuable insights for leaders and their teams considering a merger or acquisition, emphasizing the importance of respect for the other company and one direction to place focus.

Hector Barresi shares a company post that identifies common mistakes that cause the failure of an acquisition.

Karen Thomas-Bland provides signposts for CEOs to illustrate when they can play a bigger role in merger and acquisition deals. 

Rick Watson shares his latest podcast from Watson Weekly. This week’s topics are: Shopify invests in marketing provider Yotpo Top Amazon seller Packable looks to go public via reverse merger Are Walmart and Target the biggest beneficiaries of the decline of malls in America? Intuit’s acquisition of marketing provider Mailchimp continues its move into eCommerce

In this podcast from Elliott Holland, he explains why buying and selling companies is a barbaric sport.

  Brian Buss shares a report that has compiled information from 50 IR Global professionals in the legal, accountancy and financial sectors who are key to ensuring that an M&A deal is successful, providing all parties seek the right advice.

  Kelly Haggerty has identified the do’s and don’ts of synergy measurement to help companies ascertain strengths and weaknesses in their overall M&A approach for use on future deals.

How does culture impact the success of merger and acquisitions? And why do organizations still ignore culture’s significance or discuss it too late in the process.  Lisa Sprenkle Jones explains why and provides key points on how to align culture, structure, processes and strategy to ensure post merger success.